Election DataViz.

As members of the open data and civic tech community in Southeast Asia, we believe that data should be free and accessible -- especially for public governance and affairs. Data around Malaysian politics can get overly complex. At the same time, the media environment is rampant with misinformation. Honest and clear communication to the public is paramount to ensuring healthy democracies.

We aim to bring clarity and transparency to the easily muddled topic of Malaysian politics by providing ready-to-use data visualizations. They cover election results since 2004, as well as profiles of political parties and candidates. Using our data vizzes, Malaysian NGOs and media organizations can report on the 2022 elections more insightfully. Get Started

Malaysian Election Dataviz has been partially funded by the U.S. Department of State. This project is open source. All the data we used and the code collecting and preparing the data can be found in this repository. We will also be sharing the code for this website and the interactive visualisations in the coming weeks (after we have cleaned up our messy code base a bit more).

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